Hilary Evitt

Join the Hilary Evitt every weekday to wrap up the afternoon and get you home with Today’s Country Favorites on Nash FM 94-9!

Hilary Evitt is a native Texan (don’t hold it against her) who got her start in radio in 1999 while in college. She graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism before turning her attention to television, where she served as a news anchor and producer until 2005.

Back in radio now for the past 8 years, Hilary enjoys hearing country music evolve from the Eddie Rabbitt, Ronnie Millsap, Earl Thomas Conley and Emmylou Harris she grew up with…and still loves!

The true loves of her life are her husband Kris, and their three dogs. She also enjoys traveling (best trip ever: 2-week honeymoon road trip to 10 western U.S. states), musical theatre (she’s performed in more than two dozen musicals) and filling the evening hours with television crime drama.

Hilary’s random claim to fame is having once appeared as the Trivia Go-Go dancer on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly.’


IRRATIONAL FEARS:  needles, deep water

GUILTY PLEASURES:  fast food, shopping, romance novels

PET PEEVES:  mouth breathers, parents who use strollers to clear traffic in stores

RIDICULOUS LIFE GOAL:  to become a professional ballerina

WANTS TO:  retire at 40 and live on cruise ships forever and ever, amen

HATES TO:  clean house, be stuck in large crowds, get out of bed before 9:00 am

IS A BAD:  cook, athlete, person to ask to help you remember something

IS A GOOD:  dancer, putter-together of cool outfits, karaoke companion

SPENDS TOO MUCH TIME:  watching TV, checking out Facebook

SPENDS TOO LITTLE TIME:  being active, hanging out with friends face-to-face


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